People won’t understand you

When you are called to an apostolic work there will be many, even some in the body of Christ, who will not understand your actions. You will be the subject of the enemy’s accusations, though through the very brothers and sisters who ‘serve’ with you in the Body of Christ. If  they are completely detached from the pleasures and comforts of this world, you will be an inspiration and encouragement to them; if they are still attached to anything of the world, your life will be experienced by them as a reproach. They will be convicted, or jealous, or just irritated by you. You are a failure to them since they judge themselves based on the world’s standards, and you are a failure.

They can’t see. You are following the Lord’s prophetic call on your own life, which looks like foolishness to them.

It happened to all the prophets and apostles before you. Be encouraged. They will see eventually, one way or the other.

(if you just read this and had immediately considered yourself as the one doing the apostolic work, be careful, prophecy cuts both ways; those who hear a prophecy and are blind, can easily assume that they are the ‘good guy’ in this scenario)


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