Chris Lyford

notes from a pilgrim


May 2011

Interview with Sue

I had a chance to connect with Sue Lugli!

Here is the Interview


John Paul the Great ~ terror of demons

Oh holy Blessed John Paul the Great, raise your hand in blessing over my family!

Invoke the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary our Mother!

Intercede for us, that we might have health and prosperity!

But most of all, the heroic courage you embodied in living as a burning vessel of the Holy Spirit!

Come! New Pentecost, Come!

atrophy – use it or loose it

“One of the temptations of upper-middle class life is to create sharp edges of our moral sensitivities and it allows a comfortable confusion about sin and virtue. The difference between rich and poor is not that the rich sin is more than the poor’s sin, but that the rich find it easier to call sin a virtue. When the poor sin, they [the poor] call it sin; when they see holiness, they identify it as such. The intuitive clarity is often absent from the wealthy, and that absence easily leads to the atrophy of the moral sense.” Fr. Henri Nouwen

in the middle of the road

On the edge of oblivion you are in the throes of extreme labor…

No physical pain.

Worse; a broken, aching heart from the wound you have carried your whole life.

You didn’t realize it until now, when you caught a glimpse of the truth that you might have been holding on to a wound (or spirit) since before you were conscious.

Letting go seems like releasing all control… something that is counterintuitive.

It’s alright.

You can let go.

I’m here.

I was there when you were formed in your mother’s womb and I have a plan for your life which gives glory to your creator.

You are beautiful.

Because I made you beautiful.

And this process will allow you to shine more than you ever imagined possible.

It’s O.K. just let go.

I AM here.

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