As we pulled into Bakersfield this evening I couldn’t help but think of the scene in the movie Castaway when Tom Hanks finds the portion of the port-o-potty that eventually becomes his sail and all he can say is”Bakersfield??!!”

Sometimes we find things washing up on the shores of our lives which we do not understand at least at first, but that later become the very instrument of our escape from captivity..

We are staying with friends who have recently moved here and who have faced challenge after challenge. Seven kids. The Dad has severe Parkinsons and can’t always sleep through the night.

He passes his time trying to keep the dexterity of his fingers by hand / finger painting in the garage. He is an artist. The disease brings out the urge to create countless canvas filled paintings many of which I believe will one day be the locus of attention from many “important” art critics.

But this family is invisible. In a good way. They live on each day as any family does; busy; harried at times; thankful always for each single day. But hidden as if in a cloister, in the middle of suburban “Bakersfield”????!!!!!

Can you see the genius living next to you?

Can you marvel with me at the divine providence that brings us one day from a bunk house at a horse ranch in one ‘wine country’ sitting around the table with family eating ribs over 300 miles by the end of the day only to sit around the heavenly table (yes Holy Mass) at yet another horse ranch (then eat ribs later)?

Then to drive 500 miles to attend a Family Conference hoping to coordinate with another family only to find out they are booked in the hotel room right next to ours!

Yes, God IS doing something. Actually He has been since the beginning. But I know for sure it is evident to me that he is lifting the fog.

Perhaps it’s because we are still “houseless”; detached from the slavery of possessions that posses us.

All I know is that there is much much grace to be had this summer, and though the richest stream comes from the Eucharistic heart of Jesus, there is plenty to be found in every square inch of every “house” and every neighborhood, and in every town.

Even Bakersfield!!!!!!!!


We are looking forward to being in Napa in the coming week to attend the Napa Institute, and to journey up to the awesome Oregon Coast (Waldport) the week after that.

I will also be writing about our “Family Camp”  held  a week ago!

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