Kolbe, Mary, McDonalds, brilliant grace

We continue on our pilgrimage.
Thursday a very powerful evening of prayer in Buellton with Sr. Jean Marie and friends at Sue & Rusty’s Barn (hey Todd there are some angels still hangin’ there).
Jesus is present in the praises of His people. Such a gift to enter the presence of God through worship in song!
We went to confession this weekend to prepare for the Feasts:
Maximillian Kolbe – saint of Auschwitz

And the  Feast of the Assumption of Mary (Aug 15th)

God is pouring out His graces in the form of brilliant light which if you permit, will penetrate into the darkest, most secret caverns of your soul where fear like a parasite lives on the walls. when His light enters, that which is darkness is gone, peace warms the soul, and love allows healing and rest.

We are a family who has gone “all in” for Jesus and His call for us to spread the message of His Divine Mercy. Now is the time to get right with God folks; don’t wait for the stock market to fall, gold to pass $3000, or the dollar to crumple.

Get right with God right NOW! Go to confession, receive his body and blood worthily, and as His Mother tells you “Do whatever he tells you”.

The wine He wishes to pour out in your life demands NEW wineskins. ‘Cause it’s the ‘good stuff’!

More this week (this was entered in a booth in a McDonald’s with @ 12 kids screaming in various states of loudness. Life is good – don’t miss out!


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