As a kid when I used to sit here pondering life I never thought I would return with my wife just before our 22nd wedding anniversary. When I was a kid I used to sit right on this spot and ponder life as I gazed into the seemingly infinite Pacific Ocean from the view at my parent’s cabin in Yachats, Oregon. Little did I know I would return with my wife as we approach our 22nd wedding anniversary on Sept. 3rd. This month I got to return and walk through with Vickie and James – my third of four kids, (the cleaning ladies let us in).

We have been on an adventure these past 22 years, with challenges, high points, low points, and graces of love poured out through the hearts of friends. I am sure you too have had times when you could look back and count the blessings. If you have some time today, go to a quiet place, let your heart settle for a minute, and then just start counting your blessings. I see friends of mine on facebook doing the same.

Vickie and I have been through so many challenges, though you might not know it to see us from the outside. But I have to say, I can see how God has permitted each one to make us stronger. And we have been so blessed with the ever-present Holy Spirit (the harder times have been when we have not yielded to the Holy Spirit). I want to encourage each of us to not take our spouses, our children, our health, or anything else for granted. Spend that time with God today while you sit in your favorite ‘quiet place’. I’ll see you there!