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September 2011

When is the last time you found yourself in a tent with all your kids?

In the last 5 months we have had many occasions to do these things as a family:

*Camp as a family (the five of us in a tent)
*Attend daily mass (give or take a few days)
*Pray the rosary daily as a family (pretty close anyway)
*Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily ( also pretty much every day)
*Visit more friends than we have been able to do in the last three years put together
*Spend more time together as a family than we can ever remember
*Have more serious talks about our relationships (emotion free – for the most part) than ever
*Pray for our daily bread, and for the roof over our head for real (’cause we did not know from whence it would come)
*Spend over an hour with one homeless person / month just encouraging them
*Talk about the challenges of family life with a Cardinal, an Archbishop, various Bishops, priests and nuns, and countless laity
*Sleep in motels / places that had bad smells, loud noises, and even bats ūüėČ

*Learn how to trust in God with all of our hearts, minds and souls – as a family!


close encounter with the ‘machine’

This story relates a very real line that has been crossed.

I think that we are generally not aware of the laws already on the books that would make it ‘illegal’ to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

It’s possibly a scene many have imagined since 1978-ish. Well for me anyway¬† when as a teenager during the late ’70s revival I sat mesmerized by Hal Lindsey¬† and Keith Green declaring the immanence of Our Lord’s return.

That there will be persecution of Christians is a core belief since John the Revelator‘ wrote the ‘book of the seven seals’.

I really think it’s time to ask ourselves these questions anew:

Would you still be a Christian if every Church got destroyed?

Would you still be a Christian if all copies of Scriptures were burned?

Would you still be a Christian if it meant you could no longer publicly assemble in fellowship to worship?

Would you still be a Christian if the Holy Sacrifice of the mass became a criminal activity and resulted in prison?

Would you still be a Christian if it meant you were deprived of honor and public office?

Would you still be a Christian if it meant you were enslaved or forced to go to jail?

Would you still be a Christian if execution through out the body started?

(Execution meaning: being tormented, strangled, scourged, decapitated, burned alive, yes, MARTYRED!)

Would you still be a Christian if this ‚Äúgreat persecution‚ÄĚ lasted for 10 years?

Well, as we approach the final days of our liturgical year (the Feast of Christ the King is November 20th) and the readings progress to illuminate the ‘Last things: death, judgment, heaven or hell’, we maybe entering into a time when the daily readings, which we have been pondering and studying for centuries, once again parallel the headlines we read in the main stream media.

Personal note: It’s harvest time in the Napa Valley and most mornings you can actually experience the blessing of smelling the ‘crushed’ grapes in the air. Something that I pray at least once in your life you have the opportunity to experience. As a family, we have been laboring hard for almost 5 months, fasting from the comforts of a ‘house’ and re-affirming our life-long commitment to remain faithful ‘pilgrims’ who know where lies our true home. We have been blessed to see how our Lord has used us to¬† bring people back to family prayer, back to church, and back to ‘trusting completely’ in God’s providence. He truly is able to use any of us as a powerful, personal, generous vessel of blessing in the lives of those to whom He sends us each day. His work, His pilgrimage, as always, begins inside each of us as individuals who need healing, restoration, vision, and grace and direction. He has led us to each other as married couple and as a family.

Our “Harvest Time” is here.

We have been seeing the answer to prayer intentions for people in our lives come through in ways we could have only imagined.  As we are a family for others, we have been given the privilege to serve Him by serving others. He has blessed the work of our hearts. He gets all the glory! It is the most wonderful thing to see lives transformed by the pure love poured out as Mercy.

Now Our Lord is leading us into another time of work/ministry. We will be continuing to make our way toward the fulfillment of the first phase of the “New Life Family Mission” in an event to be held on October 2nd (7 pm) at Star of the Sea Church in San Francisco (Geary Street) where our new friends Jason Jones (producer of Bella) and Steve McEveety (producer of Braveheart and the Passion of the Christ) will share with us the vision they have for a new movement in the world of Hollywood movies.

And we will share the vision we have. Here is a hint:

As always, write if the Spirit moves you

autistic boy taken from parents goes in search and becomes subject of search

I was very moved by this story. Somehow I was catching a glimpse of the whole world as I read.

A prophetic word for this very day!

Is your family going through it? (You know you are). Mark Mallett speaks a prophetic word for today:

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