When is the last time you found yourself in a tent with all your kids?

In the last 5 months we have had many occasions to do these things as a family:

*Camp as a family (the five of us in a tent)
*Attend daily mass (give or take a few days)
*Pray the rosary daily as a family (pretty close anyway)
*Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy daily ( also pretty much every day)
*Visit more friends than we have been able to do in the last three years put together
*Spend more time together as a family than we can ever remember
*Have more serious talks about our relationships (emotion free – for the most part) than ever
*Pray for our daily bread, and for the roof over our head for real (’cause we did not know from whence it would come)
*Spend over an hour with one homeless person / month just encouraging them
*Talk about the challenges of family life with a Cardinal, an Archbishop, various Bishops, priests and nuns, and countless laity
*Sleep in motels / places that had bad smells, loud noises, and even bats 😉

*Learn how to trust in God with all of our hearts, minds and souls – as a family!


One thought on “When is the last time you found yourself in a tent with all your kids?”

  1. ohmygoodness Chris, I didn’t know you all were on such a Pilgrimage! The tent reminded me of Youth Festival Medjugorje, remember how the kids created a tent to shield them from the sun and had a great time! Rick and I will keep you in very special prayer. If you find yourself back in Sonoma County, Know that our House is HUGE and very empty, haha, lots of rooms for you all to stay! oh, it’s Betty-Ann

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