Yes, great things are on the way…

Yes, great things are on the verge of happening and a thousand years are as one day to the Lord. By that I mean, yes this is for our generation. But Our Lady began these prophecies at Lasalette 1846 (and before) to give us warning otherwise it would be too much to believe if not foretold earlier. Somethings that I thought were to happen right away are becoming more clear and true but not when I thought. “Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests”, Our Lady said that in 1998 you would know the antichrist, she did not say that we would recognize him. Heaven has its own rules. Prophecy is never given to scare us but to warn us. There is always a remedy. But above all, God knows how to draw good out of evil and the purifications of today are for the cleansing of His Church and His people. Man is rushing to his ruin and God does not will it. The Second Coming of Christ at the Right Hand of the Power of God is a Divine Intervention to save His people from the destruction that man is bringing upon the world. The Lord does not will and He is calling all mankind, little and great to return to Him and be safe. But He does not force us. And the world will not listen. But those who give themselves to prayer, to daily Mass, to the recitation of the Rosary and to try and keep God’s laws…or to turn back with all our hearts if we have strayed, these children of God will see great things and will see the dawn of a “New World” where all mankind whom God has brought through these things will experience. No more war, ever. Man will regain his primeval innocence and the course overcome. All that is written in Isaiash is about to dawn upon this generation. Do not fear, trust in God. We are in the midst of the Birth pangs. Turn to God with all your heart and great areas will be spared. Yes, nature rebels against the sins of man, that is what Our Lady of LaSalette said. She also prophesied that the seasons of the earth will change and produce only bad fruit. But this will only happen, she said if mankind continues to offend Our Lord. If the people turn back to Him, even the rocks will bring forth fruit. Turn to God will all your heart and soul and you will see great things. Look at that, not to the horrors that happen when man refuses God: “Not with an army nor by might but by My Spirit, says the Lord. (Zacharias). And Malachias says, “And you will return and see the difference between the just and the unjust, between those who serve the Lord and those who serve Him not. For the day that is coming will not leave them branch or root. But to those who fear the Lord, the Sun of Justice shall arise with healing in His Wings…on the Day that I act, says the Lord”.


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