Homeless for 9 months, check. Hope in Jesus Divine Mercy increasing each day, BIG CHECK

As a family, we have been laboring hard for over 9  months, fasting from the comforts of a ‘house’ and re-affirming our life-long commitment to remain faithful ‘pilgrims’ who know where lies our true home.

If you just scanned over that first sentence without really pondering it, and imagining it, then you need to go back and read it again.

We have been blessed to see how our Lord has used us to  bring people back to family prayer, back to church, and back to ‘trusting completely’ in God’s providence.

He truly is able to use any of us as a powerful, personal, generous vessel of blessing in the lives of those to whom He sends us each day. His work, His pilgrimage, as always, begins inside each of us as individuals who need healing, restoration, vision, and grace and direction. He has led us to each other as married couple and as a family.

Our “Harvest Time” is here.

We have been seeing the answer to prayer intentions for people in our lives come through in ways we could have only imagined.  As we are a family for others, we have been given the privilege to serve Him by serving others. He has blessed the work of our hearts. He gets all the glory! It is the most wonderful thing to see lives transformed by the pure love poured out as Mercy.

The extremely challenging work of inner purification has continued to work it’s way to the depths of our souls and relationships. The purifying fire of the Holy Spirit cleanses, as well as ignites. We are seeing the Hand of God move now in specific ways that bring to mind the time of prayer when Mary and the Apostles prayed and meditated on His words, and life each day in the Cenacle… before all heaven broke loose on Pentecost Sunday!

Please join us each day at 3:00 (AM or PM) for a brief prayer of thanks that the price Jesus paid for us on Calvary more than satisfied the debt we owe due to our many and various sins. Mercy is calling, it’s the easiest thing to answer.


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