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Face it: people are becoming more and more confused and worried about the future. This mood cuts across all demographic lines and creeds.

Concerns that the economy has only just begun its downward cycle cause more and more people to be distracted by questions concerning the welfare of their own families.

Healthy families have parents who deal with these kinds of challenges in stride, and those marriages that have been built on the solid rock of a strong faith in God have the built-in protection necessary to protect against these storms.

But even the healthiest of families and marriages need respite from the constant and ever-increasing demands our society places on us. As Catholics, we have respite in the form of the Sacramental life of the Church and the infinite wellspring of graces from which we can draw streams of living water as strength for the journey.

We really don’t need to quote statistics to know that fewer and fewer professed Catholics are showing up for Sunday mass?

Why would a harried husband decide to come on a Tuesday night when it seems like an act of God to get him there on Sunday?

What can a parish community give to those in need of hope without taxing the already thin resources?

It’s simple. Just open the doors!

How many movies contain a scene in which a character runs into a church to escape the menacing world bent on his destruction?

How many times have we all “just needed space”?

“Open the Doors” is a movement within the Church that takes advantage of the sacred space each parish offers through its own architectural beauty.

Every parishioner knows the church is always there for them, yet how often does the ‘average’ Sunday Catholic take advantage of the physical presence of the space inside the doors of the church on a day other than Sunday?

Why do we wait until the world is crumbling around us before we walk through the doors of the church to seek God? The act of making ourselves physically present to God is a prayer we can only make by symbolically entering into the building created to evoke His presence. Or is it the only way?

As Catholics, we have something no one else does: the physical presence of Jesus Christ!

Every ecclesial ministry takes its power from Him. Every diocesan department serves Him. Every Catholic School teaches that He is truly present in the tabernacle.
Then why don’t we spend more time with Him?

Sadly, many parish churches have had to close and lock their doors during times of day and evening when no activity is scheduled in the church. Pastors would like to know that the church would be available to all who are inspired to make a ‘spontaneous visit’ to their spiritual home, but need to be protective of the sacredness of the space and the safety of his parishioners. As a result, most parish churches remain locked unless there is a scheduled mass or activity such as choir rehearsal, etc.

As we look at the headlines each day, we see news of economic hard times, job loss, natural disasters, family disintegration, and a growing sense of pessimism if not despair. But we possess the hope that is the fruit of our faith and the assurance of ultimate victory over darkness and despair.

Sometimes we need a moment to step away from the battle in order to remind ourselves that we already know the outcome, and to let that knowledge wash over us like a spring of living water, renewing and refreshing us.

Now is the time for all of God’s children to know that they can come into the very presence of Jesus Christ their redeemer and brother, truly present in the Blessed Sacrament, to experience peace, grace, and the respite from the cares of the world. One moment away from this world that can produce the hope necessary to return to our homes, work and loved ones with renewed appreciation, mercy, and love.

Sunday is not enough anymore. Even though statistics show that only 31% of Catholics (people who call themselves Catholic) actually attend mass every Sunday. Regardless of the reasons for those who do not attend, the truth is that even faithful Catholics who attend mass every Sunday would easily admit that another visit to the sanctuary of the Sacred Heart of Jesus couldn’t hurt, and perhaps be more needed now than ever before!

Open the doors:

To silence – Let the atmosphere of the church speak

To scripture – The Word of God proclaimed has the power to heal!

To simplicity – What the average family needs is more silence – not less

To Mercy – To approach Jesus who waits in vulnerability and quiet.

To Music – Which has the power to lift the soul into the presence of heaven

“Open the Doors” is a movement in the local church that has no structure other that the day and time it occurs. It is an invitation to all parishioners to take advantage of the great gift of the presence of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, and to let others know that in truth, the “Door of Mercy” is open for all people at all times through Jesus Christ. It doesn’t have to happen every week (although it would be better because people need to know it is happening on an ongoing basis) and it doesn’t even have to involve adoration and exposition (although that would be ideal).

It can be as simple as the pastor, or two parishioners sitting in the church from 7:00 – 8:00 PM with the door open, or as a time of grace and prayer punctuated by song refrains, quiet recorded music, and a few scripture readings.

For more information on this new ministry, or to schedule an evening in your parish, contact Chris Lyford at

As of today our open dates through May are below: