Pilgrim Family starts prayer concert tour

For the last 11 months I have been on sabbatical with my family for the purpose of reflecting on my experience in order to re-focus my work.

During this time we have chosen to step into what we call a ‘home-free’ lifestyle; placing our belongings in long-term storage and accepting invitations to visit various homes, rectories, monasteries, and even camp grounds as we bring our ‘message’ to whomever we can.

Of course it has been challenging, but we needed it!

What is our message? Our message is simple and (sadly) potentially forgettable. Our message is this: “families need to pray”.

Our call is to all families, and it is a call to prayer, and to peace.

The news of “wars and rumors of wars” has become a constant distraction, both consciously, and subconsciously. The economic and social pressure on the majority of families has immobilized the ability to pray and to hear God’s voice. In our world of ever-increasing connectivity we have lost our connection to God. The need for hope to be strengthened and protected has reached a critical defining moment.

Our call is for all families, but our call is a call from one family.

Our story is unique. We have been blessed to be able to be connected with a WASC accredited home schooling curriculum which affords us the flexibility to remain mobile.

We have also been blessed with the gift of music and the ability to speak to families from the perspective of being in the midst of raising our own family. Currently at ‘home’ we have three teenagers with one about ready to graduate. We have an older daughter who with her husband has just welcomed their first child (our first grandchild).

Another way to put it is to say that we as a family; husband and wife, kids – all of us – had noticed that even though we had a ‘good’ life; with the boys playing Lacrosse all the kids in youth symphony, advancing in school every week, living in a nice (rental) house on the golf course; there was something wrong with us. We were losing ground spiritually.

First of all we consider it a great gift from God to be able to notice that we had begun to fall prey to the ‘odorless, tasteless gas’ of ‘busy-ness unto blindness’. We realized that none of the ‘good’ things in our life (and believe me we enjoyed them) were worth the trade-off if it turned out that our faith life was going to simply coast to a stop and then disappear.

We had always talked about the value of ‘detachment’ or being able to live a life without emotional attachments to any material comfort, and we had always tried to live the beatitude of spiritual poverty, but even with our trying, we still were coming up short. We were losing it.

So we offered up a prayer that God in His kindness answered: “Dear Lord, please don’t let our family disable or destroy itself and become absorbed into the world’s statistics. Don’t allow us to lose our ability to be a support for others, let alone ourselves. Do whatever you need to do to keep us purified vessels, ready to be used by your Spirit to encourage others to ‘hang in there’ and continue to hope against hope”.

For eleven months God has answered our prayer by allowing us to spend more time together as a family than we ever have, re-connect and reconcile each of our relationships, grow in strength of soul and spirit, and become a light of encouragement to countless families, friends, and new acquaintances.

We would like the honor of coming to your church community in the next month or so, to share some of the best of the stories from the past months in an effort to encourage your community to reconnect with prayer, reconnect with each other, and begin to work together to identify and eliminate the threats to peace in our own hearts, homes, and communities.

We have about an hour’s worth of music, reflections, and prayer to share.

Please let me know what you think, and if there is a free evening in your church or hall and I will send you some bulletin announcements as well as a simple flyer to promote it.

My current income is from ministry work in various locations and we have established a 501c3 non-profit corporation which provides our foundation, we do not request a stipend, but graciously accept donations.

Click the play button to hear a sample and explanation of our “Open the Doors” evenings.

Open dates through May:

open dates 4-3-12


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