Having worked in the Church for over 30 years now, I am more clear about how the principalities and powers of this present darkness influence those leaders who have long since exchanged the crosier for the limelight. The real problem though is that these “leaders” didn’t just become non-entities; they are looking to systematically dismantle the ‘old and outmoded’ structures of our institution for one that they will be able to mold into their own, depraved image.
Why? Glenn Beck asks, don’t we hear it from the pulpit? Perhaps it’s denial – ‘I don’t want to admit that there’s an all out war for souls going on, because it would mean that I have been spending my energy on capital campaigns and the latest programs instead of saving souls…’
Humility is the only doorway out for all of us. And His Mercy is the only message we should be about now. Forget your silly kingdom! It will all turn to dust anyway! The question is: will they remember you as having been sounding the alarm. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.