Watch my video invitation to Wednesday night at St. Sebastian’s

I have spent the last two years on a journey of faith with my family: We put everything into storage and set out on a pilgrimage throughout the West Coast. Starting next WEdnesday Feb 27th  I am going to share some of the wisdom my family and I have gained from walking “the Way of Jesus” AS A FAMILY!
Not everyone is called onto a path like ours, but everyone IS called to recognize that WE ARE ALL PILGRIMS on a ‘one-time’ journey through this life.” Preferring to call ourselves “HOME FREE” rather than ‘homeless’ we have gained a unique insight into the current state of the soul of the modern family. And it’s not as hopeless as you might sometimes think!chris in clouds

Come and listen to his story and participate in this one hour
(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).
Identify the threats to your spiritual life, and that of your family, take advantage of the opportunities for strengthening and growth, and acknowledge your weaknesses and maximize your strengths to counteract them.
5:15 Mass ~ 5:45 Soup Supper ~ 6:45 Presentation
St. Sebastians Greenbrae, .CA