My perspective on marriage

puzzle piecesA partnership of mutual submissiveness: an agreement to be open to the influence of the other as the Holy Spirit’s agent of change in a dynamic, ongoing, lifelong conversion process, the goal of which is to spend the rest of life in mutual selfless giving through intimacy, support, forgiveness, and openness to life. To welcome children and raise them according to the laws of Christ and His Church, leading primarily by example. Marriage and family constitute the school of love: children are one of God’s ways of expressing his vulnerability to our free will: he loves us no matter what choices we make, and is always ready to forgive through His mercy. Even if the wounds received in the family are dealt with long after the children leave the home through forgiveness, the Lord will “restore the years the locusts have eaten up” through the transforming power of His love. And yes, the only way this can exist is with one man and one woman, where each gender is a perfectly compatible, though completely unique ‘other’.


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