The light was not overcome; darkness was dispelled.548975_534799346573508_724003902_n

This is the story of every soul who ever crossed the threshold into heaven and eternity with God.

Everyone battles the darkness. Some are victorious after a long drawn out struggle. Some advance quickly at the start, then falter for a number of years only to rally in the end. Some allow the light such complete permission to spill into every element of their beings that they burn with such brilliance that even through much suffering the light increases until at last all that is left of the person is a unique soul upon which is exposed the very face of God.

But what constitutes darkness? What is it made of? How can it be defined? Perhaps only in describing it in terms of what it is not.  Truth vs. Ignorance: the Truth exists without need of ignorance. Ignorance is vanquished the moment truth enters. Light dispels darkness, but darkness cannot dispel light. These truths exist whether we agree with them or not.

In speaking of non physical realities (like ignorance) one assumes the presence of the human person. In the human person alone is the arena in which the battle between light and darkness rages until there is an ultimate winner.

God, in creating free will has marked off the confines of a ring into which He will not enter. Though He himself as the Word made flesh lived His whole earthly life in this ring, never allowing himself to be knocked down; the choice was still made completely within the confines of the ring.

We choose with every breath we take which direction we will face; toward light, or away from light. If we chose to turn away from light we pay with our life. Choice by choice, our life is surrendered until it’s completely gone. We give life away with each choice of darkness; we choose to live with less light as a result.

But who would knowingly give pieces of their life away? Who would choose darkness over light? Only by being deceived or blinded to the truth do we willingly surrender our life. We make deals, we set up arrangements all with the intent to make for ourselves a better situation; less suffering, more happiness, security, joy and love. We can even spend lots of energy focused on ‘things of the light’ all for the sake of preventing its penetration into the areas of ourselves that we have been choosing to hide from its presence. Why? Freedom? It is a deception to be convinced that in constantly having to guard an area of our life from being brought into the light that we are freer than letting the light have its way and come where it wills. In the first case there is separation: light and darkness; in the second case there is wholeness: only light.

Sin mutates a person’s ability to reflect the light of God’s presence and brings progressive opacity such that even though there is still a human soul with breath and mind and free will (with hope), the very ability to knowingly choose light has been surrendered, over time, to the deceiver. Where there are lies, there is the Father of lies; where there is truth there is the Way, the Truth and the Life: Jesus Christ.

If your life, your relationships, your marriage, or your family is filled with shadows of unhappiness; depression, doubt, addiction, anger, resentment, confusion, etc. then turn toward the light and give Him permission to bring His transforming love into your whole life without reserve. Let go and let Him have His way so that every fiber of your being is filled with His warm and Merciful presence. He desires it immensely and with such love that He orchestrated your day such that you could read this. He is here with you right now. Speak the words out loud “Jesus I trust in you” and open your heart to Him. You will have experienced the transforming power of the love of God, and your whole life will begin to be re-created. Forget the past, and don’t even think of looking back. Let go, and let God in.