The Pilgrimage Continues…

carson on the roadHow thankful we are as a family, that after three years of having no place to call home, and having all our things in storage, Our Merciful Lord gave us a beautiful home in which to spend a year of healing, growth, inspiration, and advancement in many ways, especially in the ways of Faith. The blessings are evident to all who know us, but the one that seems to be my favorite, is that my love for my wife (Vickie) has grown beyond what I had ever imagined. Well I guess, the Lord wants to take that faith for a spin again. The owners of our home need to move back in, and have given us notice, so tomorrow, i pick up a uhaul truck, and we will place all of our (recently parred down) possessions in a storage unit (just one this time – like in Vickie’s dream about the three red suitcases, two of which disappeared). Where will we go? Not sure yet. Of course we would like to get back into a home, but the rent in the SF Bay area being $3500 + (not kidding) for a home for the five of us, is above our means. Hotels? Campgrounds? Empty convents? We trust. With prayer, we will not only ‘weather’ this little storm, but will continue to allow our Lord to have His way as he continues to accomplish in us His work – CLARIFY – PURIFY – SANCTIFY.

So pray for us, but please don’t pray in fear: pray in trust – like we do. Just try it. Then you will be walking with us on this new pilgrimage. And please pray for the work I am doing at the Archdiocese, we are under a very heavy spiritual attack, as you might know. I want you to know that what you see on the surface (news, etc.) is only a very thin veneer covering the real conflagration. So pray.

The year of Mercy that Pope Francis has designated to start on December 8th , is not just some ‘liturgical theme’ that was chosen to keep people interested; it’s real. It’s for you and me: it’s our opportunity to avail ourselves of the unfathomable, infinite Mercy of Jesus Christ, as he looks to us to confess EVERYTHING to Him, in trust and humility, so that he can in return give us His Mercy. Because after His time of Mercy comes His time of Justice. Be well covered under His Mercy so that you can be protected.

The Lord is calling me to do a few things, like begin telling people about the grace of this time in light of the new developments in Medjugorje, the 2015 Synod, the year of Mercy, and my 30 + years of working in his vineyard (in the Catholic Church). Please pray I do a good job and get the heck out of His way. Please.

In the meantime, stay tuned here for developments – in the meantime, I share with you a nugget from the past – 8 years ago this August my whole family and my future son in law (who will baptize the second grandchild on Sunday) were, through an incredible miracle, able to make a pilgrimage to Medjugorje for the youth festival. I wrote a song at the end that harvested some of what the Lord was doing in me. The title of the song is “The Storm of his Mercy”. It summarizes my spiritual view of our era, as I croak the song out, please listen to the Holy Spirit – not me. click here to listen


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