If you haven’t heard of Charlie Johnston, well I think it’s time  you did! A Lay Catholic Evangelist who is traveling around the country with a message of hope in these times when we seem to see a storm cloud gathering over many aspects of the world, including families. Like my family, he was led on a personal pilgrimage for about a year and a half to focus on learning the practice of detachment (not allowing your possessions to posses you). Our pilgrimage lasted three years (our time without a house) in order for us to learn the truth in a profound way that families make a home; not an address, and that every individual and family needed to allow God into their heart to ‘clarify, purify, and sanctify’ them. Charlie’s message is to Acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope for those around you: something that brings a lot of peace when you’re in a storm and people are freaking out.

Read for yourself from Charlie’s website: https://charliej373.wordpress.com/

A good explanation of Charlie’s purpose is here: https://charliej373.wordpress.com/archives/

Here is a short video of  my conversation with Charlie:

charlie and chris deacon christof vickie chris charlis michael john and mary poirier

Charlie and I Sharing the Joy.                                 Deacon Christof, Vickie, me ,Charlie, Michael John and Mary Poirier.

(below) Jesus Divine Mercy and Our Lady of Guadalupe Across the Street from a strip club in SF. Hey, That’s where he wants us to bring Him!!! Mercy is SUCH a good deal, how can you refuse it? (below right) Michael John and Charlie sharing stories and fellowship.

jesus and our lady of tepeyac in the tenderloin michael john and charlie streets of SF

My son (St.)James and me and Charlie at Little Henry’s: an Italian restaurant owned by a Vietnamese family. Good food, and cheap!

vharlie chris and james with divine mercy and our lady on streets of sf