How do you know when you are deceived?

How do you know when you are deceived?

Most answers focus on after the state of deception is over: “When you find out…” or something like that.

But my question is really a statement. The hard answer is “you don’t know when you ARE deceived; cause you’re, you know; deceived”.nimrod

Work with me on this…

When you are in the State of Deception, by definition you are operating with a faulty sense of reality. Some small (or large) part of the overall equation that constitutes your zeitgeist is in error. But a mistake in simple math can end up being catastrophic for a bridge, a walkway in a hotel, or a nuclear power plant.

When you are deceived it’s like your GPS has been hacked. North is really South, and your destination really isn’t beautiful downtown Waldport; it’s really Nimrod. But you drive happily along listening to your ‘vacation playlist’ and enjoying your sense of accomplishment. You authentically believe you are on the right track, and so your conscience is free.

What if our GPS’s worked more like WIKI’s, making it possible to edit or change the ‘real’ location of your ‘blue dot’? Little by little you ‘re-align’ the true location of the dot to correspond with your ‘current’ location.

[hey! Stop with the ‘polar shift’ interior dialogue will ya? This is just a little drive down the block, no need to get all ‘well, actually…’ on me]

Once you are off course a little bit, after a couple hours of driving, you will be ‘off course’ by a lot.


You might have a little sense of doubt every once in a while as you drive along; instead of Costal Pines, you see towering Douglas Firs, etc. But instead of entertaining the possibility that your current grasp on reality is skewed, you sweep it away and re-confirm that you are the source of accuracy when it comes to your blue dot, not your GPS, and little by little you change the whole orientation of your GPS because YOU have become it’s point of reference. You would be unaware that the sum total of the minor decisions you made in ‘re-assigning’ your true location has put you in a place where you are operating without the reference point of REALITY.

You have entrusted your life to a GPS that is detached from reality, and you are in for a surprise once you reach your destination.


OK, we’ve pulled up to the curb; here is the ‘spelling it out’ part. Our conscience is like the GPS-WIKI, we are born with a standard operating system that has ‘True North’ pre-programmed. We can end up being born in any one of millions of different places on the map, but no matter where we end up being born, we already have True North, or a sense of what is true, pre programmed into our GPS (conscience). As we grow, our parents, peers, environment, and society have an effect on how we end up programming our GPS.

Eventually, the hope is that we get to a point where we re-tool our GPS to “The Way – The Truth: Jesus Christ”. We are still free to drive anywhere we want, but our WIKI edits now adjust to Him as the True North.

No matter how far afield you may find yourself – in some backwoods, spooky burg, for now you can still reset. While we still have gas….

You just need to swallow your pride, pull over and do that thing that proves you are human: ask for directions.


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