No Hobo.

Yes, there have been months at a time when my family and I were without things that I am grateful for every day: a working washer and dryer; a bed other than a cot;a car; a microwave; wifi… You get the picture. As a sign of our good nature and true gratitude in the midst of doing common things in relatively uncomfortable circumstances, we coined the phrase:

“No hobo”.

Brushing your teeth outside the car with bottled water? “No hobo”.
Using the wifi at McDonalds for extended periods of time? “No hobo”.

You see, we never do things half way. When God invited us into a pilgrimage of detachment from mammon, we chose the deluxe package. It’s really made all the difference especially during this season when we celebrate the “singing light” Who came into our silent night despite our preoccupation with all things material. It helps us stay centered on the Advent of the heart.

I found a sister in pilgrimage, who is on her way to a heavenly mansion and inviting others who have ears to hear… Check her out. Her name is Meg Hunter-Kilmer

young and troubled the story Meg Hunter


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