The Culture of Life and it’s Obstacles

One of the greatest obstacles in creating a Culture of Life today is the culture of death itself which pervades our society and is promoted and celebrated by those in control of the media sources through the vehicles of movies, music, fashion, and even news. The modern means of communication are not the obstacles; the content delivered by them and the authors of that content are. More substantially the obstacles come in the form of errant philosophies, pseudo truths, pluralism, and postmodern relativism that imbue these media creations to which our society is exposed on a daily basis.

These seeds of pseudo truth can infect the hearts and minds of our families with the darkness of self deception. In addition, the leaders of our world have systematically passed laws that break down Judeo-Christian principles, facilitated unjust wars abroad, and most devastatingly facilitated the death of millions in the slaughter of the unborn though acts of legislation. Sadly, because of these influences, many of our brothers and sisters have absorbed the myths that this ‘culture of death’ has sown. These seeds of ‘psuedo-truth’ can readily distort a true understanding of essential Catholic teaching on topics like the right to life, the Sacrament of Matrimony, the understanding of homosexuality, and the role of women in the Church.

Yet all of these obstacles can be overcome with the simple gifts of humility, charity, honesty, and faith. It’s not in the power of our logical argument, but in our living the joy of knowing we are God’s beloved that we can be a sign of hope to others. We all need mercy. And thank God for His mercy! It’s His mercy that reaches into the cave of darkness into which we can wander. He shows us the truth of what our lives are like when we choose our will over His, and still respects our free will to remain in the cave of self deception, or reach out to grasp His outstretched hand. With reckless abandon He strongly seeks any contrite heart in order to flood it with pure light; the light of truth.

It’s in our own parish community where the signs of hope abound. Every day I see more and more Catholics who have embraced the call to humbly evangelize themselves, their families, and their colleagues, and who are presenting to their ‘worlds’ the challenging merciful Jesus while they exhibit the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

The social teachings of the Church, the initiatives by our shepherds to make known at the ‘table of the world’ the timeless truths of our faith, and the heroic virtue of all Catholics who have embraced the New Evangelization are all the response of the light of Christ to this culture of death.  The 12th annual Walk for Life West Coast to take place on January 23rd represents a work dedicated to the public interaction between our basic belief in the dignity of human life itself, and our socio-political culture. It’s the image (and reality) of the Catholic Church walking the streets of San Francisco. This symbolic ‘front line’ of the culture war is primarily an event to show our support for the dignity of human life through faithful citizenship and political action, yet it serves as a rallying point for much more.

It’s the rallying point for all who have chosen to defend the Faith, hearten the faithful, and defend the faithful.


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