Here is a post from my friend Charlie.
But first, this video compilation-of-videos of the miracle of the sun. I have seen this a handful of time in my life, some of which was as a boy in Oregon. I would come in from being out in the back yard and my Mom would ask me “what have you been doing?” And I replied: “watching the sun”. She admonished me not to – I thought “OK I guess I shouldn’t do that anymore” What I saw was like a disk that perfectly covered the sun, and was spinning, and throwing off colors. I thought it was some sort of cool “weather phenomenon” little did I know…hahaha.

Now Charlie’s latest:
(I have been feeling under the weather for a few days, though I had a wonderful visit with friends in Houston. I will be going to the annual Texas Right-to-Life Dinner tonight, which I am very pleased about, for I have long thought Texas has the best, most effective right-to-life organization in the country. I […]

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